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This is a system.

The system is

#Victory Sure#


Victory sure is running since July 2013 from India and lots of people are getting  money. You will Get money daily and directly in your bank account.  

The system is based on help,

You help to someone, and God will help you.

Understand the system:

Step 1:

            You will have to purchase a pin worth Rs. 500 from the system and get register in the system, by your sponsor.

Step 2:

             You will get the details like name, mobile no. and bank account of some people to help for total amount of 1500 Rs. or 500 Rs. of Here your sponsor will help you. he/she will pay  these 1500 Rs. or 500 Rs.To the people, and your account will be active.

Step 3:

            Help  people of  1500 Rs. for 1st and 3rd person and 500 Rs. of 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th and so on in 30 days each to get in this system who can help another peoples like your sponsor.

     (Means your sponsor has been helped you for Rs. 1500 for getting you in this system, then you have to help  minimum 2 people for Rs. 1500,500).

            You can help many people; you will get more money if you will help many people.

How will you get you money:

1.  You will get 1000 Rs. From 1st and 3rd person of your 2nd, 4th, 5th 6th and so on.to unlimited depth.

3.  Your every direct person will give 500 each time when ever he/she Get 2000 as help.

4.   If you help 4 people and Get total 10000 Rs. from this system, you will qualify as Executive and will get 100 per person from your team as help.

5.  If you help 6 people and Get total 25000 from this system, you will   qualify as senior Executive and will get 200 per person from your team as help.

      6.If you help 10 people and Get total  50000 from this system, you will    qualify as a Star and will get 500 per person from your team as help.  

The power of help:

If you help 4 people (1500,1500 for your 1st and 3rd person and 500,500 for 2nd and 4th person= total 4000, in 1 month then what will you get in one year.


No. of month

 No. of people you helpd


No. of people you helped


No. of people you helped




4 (but 2 will be count for you)


6 (but 4 will be count for you)


10 (but 8 will be count for you